I’m Nicole N. Kaufman, MA, LPC-A

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Are You:

√ Tired and not sleeping well?

√ Anxious?

√ Depressed?

√ Low / No Energy?

√ Frustrated?

√ Overeating / Undereating?

√ In a difficult relationship with family or significant other?

√ In a life transition?

√ Feeling without purpose in your life or career?

√ Taking prescription meds that don’t seem to be helping?

√ Feeling that life has gotten out of balance?

If you are feeling stuck in your life, I know exactly how you feel…

Learn more about the Hopscotch to Happiness approach here.


What my clients are saying:

“…a huge milestone was…getting off medications…” (Read more)

“…that is what she has been for me…a game changer…” (Read more)

“I finally have control of my life and my anxiety.” (Read more)

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