Is It a Bucket List or a F* It List?


Every single one of my clients is super self-reflective this time of year.  I don’t know if it’s holiday nostalgia, the sudden shift to Winter in Greensboro, North Carolina, or too many Ferrero Rocher Almond Coconut candies (not that I know what those taste like).

I’m reflective too.

I look at where I was this time last year, emotionally, financially, spiritually.

Compare, judge, evaluate.

It’s what we do.  With the sharpness of a diamond-tipped laser our brain neon highlights what is NOT working in our lives.  This is the negativity bias that is hard-wired into us since caveman days, where we had to register the rustle of a saber-toothed tiger in the bushes.  Fight or flight, we had to be ready.

Now, we register credit card debt and private schools, internet connections and what qualifies as “impactful.”   It’s a different kind of stress, but stress nonetheless.

Ruminate, second-guess, internalize.

Were you able to tick anything off your bucket list this year?  Or was 2017 mostly an F* it list for you?

And 2018 is going to be different …how?

Are you expecting change to happen in your life by making the same decisions you did yesterday?

Are you expecting change to happen but only on your own terms?

Are expecting change to happen but feel like you are in charge of the “how”?

“Leaving it up to the Universe” never made anyone rich or successful.  You at least have to buy the lottery ticket…some effort is definitely required to set the prosperity wheels in motion.

But how often do we bookend ourselves by limiting personal change to only what we can logically imagine?

What does the unknown have to offer that you have not tapped into yet?

Because if change happens in a predictable, known fashion…is it really change?  Is it a new experience if you already know it’s coming?

Twists your noodle if you think about it long enough.

So bring this phrase into your consciousness:  OR SOMETHING BETTER.

Acknowledging the Universe/Unknown/Quantum Field’s role in your personal growth quest is done by visualizing your next milestone and tacking “or something better” onto the end of your request.

Like this –

“My clients are working hard, happy to see me, and making progress each week.  They pay on-time and are bringing in new referrals.  OR SOMETHING BETTER.”

“I have a new position at a progressive firm full of high energy, intelligent people who support each other.  I have increased my income by $50K and am in love with life.  OR SOMETHING BETTER.”

“My partner and I are communicating well, having great sex and are full of trust and love for one another.  We are planning a great vacation for 2018.  OR SOMETHING BETTER.”

Because, let’s face it, you couldn’t possibly know what the Universe has in store for you.  “Or something better” helps you get out of the way of greatness being cut off at the pass by your own limiting thoughts.

It’s the unknown where the magic happens.

And the unknown will never let you down.

Be awesome,


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