Can You…

smallertalktomeA couple of years ago when I was in a place of re-evaluating nearly every adult decision I ever made, I canceled network television.  Today I am getting the stink-eye from my 13-year-old son because it’s Super Bowl Sunday, and we may as well be sitting in a cave.  My desktop computer display will be our big-screen for the game tonight.  I’m good with that.  From what I can tell, he’s not all that butt-hurt about our viewing situation.  It’s a struggle to get him to watch anything without simultaneously checking Snapchat.  After all, it’s his social circle that really matters right now.

I don’t miss the “news-tainment,” the scandal, the feigned outrage, and the “issue du jour” that I’m supposed to be fired up about.  I read more, listen to podcasts, and collect music tracks for playlists.  I fire up my Latin playlist, open a Corona, and dance Bachata with an imaginary partner in my kitchen.  Thanks to Spotify, I have playlists for Latin music, dance music, workout music, meditation music, and “Other” which is code for sexy-time.  If you aren’t dancing to your playlists in the shower, you are missing out.  Try it and see how your morning improves!

So, being the nerd that I am, I have noticed that several songs on my playlist run a common theme:  Talk to Me.  These are my favorites right now, generating my Talk to Me playlist:

Yo Te Lo Dije (English Translation:  I Told You) by J Balvin

Lay It All On Me by Rudimental, Ed Sheeran

Piensas (Dile la Verdad) (English Translation:  You think…tell the truth) by Pitbull et al

Dile al Amor (English Transaltion:  Tell Love This)  by Aventura

Rivers in Your Mouth by Ben Howard

Talk to Me by Craig David (he had a new album drop last week, SO GOOD)

You don’t have segmented playlists, you say?  Well, you are but a Spotify, Pandora, or I-Tunes session away.   As you put your lists together, pull back and notice the themes that run through.  Can you identify themes of sadness, anger, or a longing to connect?  Sometimes this can help us to recognize what’s happening beneath the surface of our day-to-day mindset.  Dive deep.  Get in touch.  Be introspective.  You might be surprised.

And if you need to talk to me, my door is open.

Be awesome,




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