My Bio

Ever since I can remember, I have been interested in self-help, psychology, and the science behind feeling good. I remember reading books like The Seth Material and concepts like ESP and telekinesis captivated my interest. I enjoyed drama and acting in plays, and for whatever reason was not intimidated by public speaking. I had high hopes for my future as I started high school, thinking it would be much like the movie Grease. My actual high school experience was academically rewarding, but socially a disaster. I didn’t fit in with the other kids, had few girlfriends, and desperately wanted to date the cute boys who didn’t know I existed. I knew I was a smart kid, but had a self-esteem crisis that would follow me for years to come.

I loved to read books and write, and I toyed with the idea of becoming a journalism major at UNC-Chapel Hill. At the time, UNC had a grammar test that required a passing mark for admission to the School of Journalism. Convinced that I could never pass it, I didn’t even try.   I changed my major from Psychology (too many hard science requirements) to Radio, Television and Motion Pictures (NC was not exactly a film mecca). The third and final change was to Communications, emphasis on Public Speaking. This seemed like the only major I could complete in a relatively short period of time. I raced through college, eager to graduate and move out of state to be with my boyfriend.