A Game Changer

That Is What She Has Been For Me — A Game Changer!

“When I first started working with Nicole my anxiety and panic attacks were getting to the point where it was affecting every aspect of my life. Being able to work and drive anywhere was becoming very difficult. After our first session I knew that things were going to get better because I could tell she cared. She has gone through several different techniques with me on how to change my thought process when the anxiety started to creep in. One of the things that really helped me the most was how she identified the unhealthy thought processes and gave me ways to combat them. When someone can break down and define these things and give you the tools you need to manage them it is a game changer. That is what she has been for me, a game changer. I had been to other therapists and was lucky if they remembered my name the next visit. Nicole made me feel like she truly cared. She would give me exercises and assignments to do during the week before our next session. She followed up with me when she knew I was having a hard time and always had inspirational and motivating words. Today, I am getting better with her help and am noticing a difference in my anxiety levels. I feel very lucky to have found such an intelligent and caring therapist that I know has the tools to help me get back where I need be and more!” — Cori H.